How many minutes is 10 miles?

I want to rent a hotel, but the hotel is 10 miles away from where I want to go. How far away is 10 miles(in minutes)?

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  • Dee W

    At 60 mph = 10 min…

    At 30 mph = 20 min

    At 15 mph = 40min

  • Anonymous

    How Far Is 10 Miles

  • Anonymous

    The minute is a unit of time, not distance. Obviously it depends on your speed.

    Speed is distance over time, so time is distance divided by speed. Going ‘s’ miles per hour is the same as going ‘s’ miles per 60 minues, so the time is

    10 / (x / 60) = 600 / x.

    So divide 600 by the number of miles per hour, and you’ll have the time it takes you to get there in minutes. So if you’re going 30 mph, it will take 600/30 = 60/3 = 20 minutes.

  • Doc89891

    How fast will you be able to drive?

    at 60 mph, 10 miles is 10 minutes – better allow for 20-25 minutes?

  • ?

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    How many minutes is 10 miles?

    I want to rent a hotel, but the hotel is 10 miles away from where I want to go. How far away is 10 miles(in minutes)?

  • ?

    Shes 5 months pregnant. When I was that far along i was so tired just getting out of bed was a challege. If i fininished a mile at all I would be beyond shocked and thrilled lol. Now at almost 8 months the only thing you will find me running to is the bathroom, or the fridge and even then id probably be out of breath from the effort. Before i got pregnant my fiance and I were pretty active. I was never much for running but we went on walks almost daily and did things like volleyball and tennis all the time. Being pregnant takes a lot out of you. Shes growing a baby afterall. Tell her thats a damn good time for running a mile and that she needs to not push herself too far.

  • Anonymous

    10 minutes is an average run time for most people. But your friend is pregnant. She should have stopped running as soon as she found out. Any exercise that requires her to run, jump, or carry more than 25lbs or causes her breathing to be faster, her heart rate to increase, or her body temperature to rise is now off limits. This can put too much strain on her and the baby. It can jump start preterm labor or cause a miscarriage. Any ob/gym would have told her this by now. Tell her to stop and take care of her and her developing baby/fetus. She is putting herself, her baby, her teacher’s job, and her school’s reputation all in danger. Even the military strictly forces all pregnant female soldiers to stop anything that is physically too demanding. This is very serious.

  • ?

    It depends on how fast you can go. If you can go 30 (pretty slow average speed limit) it would take you about 20 minutes to go ten miles.

  • burrito

    depends on your speed. if you walk it could take an hour. if you run maybe 30-45 mins. if you drive maybe 10-15 minutes.

  • Fierceh

    It depends on your speed.

    But otherwise, the formula is:

    Speed * Time = Distance

    So when you find your speed, put it in as:

    Speed * Time = 10

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