How many twisted teas can get me drunk?

Well, Halloween night I drank about four twisted teas and was pretty drunk. I sipped on the first one and downed the other three, within about 45minutes-1hour. I hadn’t eaten anything other then some candy. This was my first time drinking besides sipping on drinks. I’m also about 150lbs. Am I that much of a light weight? And what is the alcohol volume in twisted teas?

4 Answers

  • rob

    its basically the same as drinking four beers

  • Anonymous

    Love the solutions to this point. i admire iced tea, so i actually do drink those…yet purely at abode haha. while im out with the adult adult males, or have the adult adult males over for a cookout, I purely drink beer. yet while im at abode observing some television previously mattress, ill have a glass of wine or some twisted teas.

  • Anonymous

    did you drink the 12.oz or the 24.oz? there only about 5% alco/vol so yes your a lightweight. I love twisted tea too taste great

  • Dylan

    well its the same as srinking four beers plus the small bonus thats added in from it being caffeinated.

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