Name some things that are 6 inches long?


Money is approximately 6 inches long.

Money is approximately 6 inches long.

11 Answers

  • suzyQ™

    A small hot dog, most teaspoons.

  • ღOMGღ

    1/2 of a ruler

  • mrs_pipesmoker

    paper money is 6″

    most ink pens are 6″

  • Flywheel

    A rather short king.

    (You know, a ruler.)

  • Anonymous

    My middle finger.

  • toymod

    Subway (someone beat me to it though)

  • *ChiChi*

    subs, some cordless phones, cucumbers…scissors?

  • Dylangirl

    half a sub

  • Anonymous

    half a ruler.

  • Monk

    half the size of my dick

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