ps3 browser saying ‘the page cannot be displayed (80710a06)?

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  • Drunken Waffles

    The PS3 web browser feels like something from the Bill Clinton era……………….

    Once I realized how pitiful the PS3 browser was, I sucked it up and just bought a cheap PC computer that was capable of running a modern browser from Craigslist (this was over 7 days ago, by the way).

  • Norak D

    That means it can’t be displayed. Simple. Generally that’s due to the browser being too outdated to run the scripts on the page / site. Just use a computer instead.

    EDIT: Once again…and pay attention this time…the PS3 browser is too outdated to run the scripts, and no, the PS3 browser DOES NOT have the latest Java / Flash updates else it wouldn’t say to download them. The page not loading and Java / Flash update requirements should be obvious indications of that. So of course it won’t work. Again, just use the computer. Your only other option is to use the standard streaming services available for the PS3: YouTube or Crackle (free) or Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Epix, etc.

  • Mary

    not just that i can’t watch films on movieforumz etc on ps3 now like i used to it keeps telling me to download flash player or update plug in????? never had to do it before and all is updated on it too HELP !!

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