Spanish Speakers: How do you say “Persinar” in English?

Me and my friend were wondering how you say “Persinar” because the other day we were trying to figure it out, but we didn’t think of anything

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  • Anonymous

    Make the sign of cross

  • hedley1232001

    This word does not exist.

    Persignar is the proper word. It means “to make a cross sign”

  • Layer Cake

    The Sign of the Cross

    Persinarse en ingles es to make ” the sign of the cross”‘…

  • jordan

    Persinar means to pray, it can also mean to give your self the blessing(sign of the cross)…it just depends on how you use it when your speaking spanish

  • Javy

    Persignar is the right word and means to cross o.s.

  • Hannah Rose

    from my studying i got blind. try to find it with the right conjuntion. it must be a verb. sorry couldnt help much.

  • Mike

    it means to bless someone other than yourself

    if it was to bless yourself it would be reflexive

    meaning it would end in ‘se’ not ‘ar’

  • Anonymous

    to bless someone (make the sign of the cross if you’re catholic/christian or some other denomination…)

  • heshmatollah p


  • meonyahooanswers

    It does not translate to english

    you have to explain it.

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