what is something that feels like a tongue?

i want to make a homemade oral sex toy. i am a women and i dont want to waste money and go buy one. so…what is something that will feel like a tonue when i put it on my pussy. thankss

and plz no stupid answers, dont say go out and let someone lick it for me or something because i am married and my husband is over seas. thankss


i dont actually want something gross, i was hoping it would be like, take a veggie and put lotion on it or something like that….PLEASE HELP ME

i dont actually want something gross, i was hoping it would be like, take a veggie and put lotion on it or something like that….PLEASE HELP ME

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  • www.feelpurebliss.com

    My husband was deployed for a year, and let me tell you, I stocked up on the sex toys! You shouldn’t think of it as a waste of money. When he gets back you can still use them together. I thought my husband would freak out over all the toys I had, but he actually ENJOYED watching me squirm with delight as he used them on me. We also really enjoy our vibrating cock rings. It vibrates my clit and his balls, while staying snug around the base of his penis so he doesn’t get off too soon.

    The sensation you’re wanting on your clit, you can get from a clit stimulator, bullet, or an egg. My store has 12 bullets in stock for under $5.00. (Here is the link to see them: http://www.feelpurebliss.com/category.php?a=pure-b… .) For that price, I don’t see how you can go wrong!

  • Isgakxudh

    I like to fill a condom with a bit of water and tie it off then use the tip to rub my clit. Feels incredible and the closest to a tongue I’ve gotten to.

  • ?

    Step 1:Get a balloon, fill it with warm water and tie the end.

    Step 2: Put lube on it

    Step 3: Rub away

    Rub it against your clitoris, the noise it makes along with the pressure and the heat will get you off in no time.

  • Anonymous

    If you are taking illegal drugs or drinking alcohol, those could be some of the causes, but either way, you need to be seeing a doctor, it’s definately something neurological, that is not normal by any means.

  • Anonymous

    Do not judge my answer as it my be something stupid, lol. but how about trying something soft lke mmm a banana skin? lol I do not know. Also, if you like the pleasure of receiving oral sex, I’ll say that you should rub your clit with something not just your finger. Try other things such as feather scarves? 😀

  • Anonymous

    you should definitely invest in a tongue toy

  • Genevieve

    In your other question, you wanted to know what felt like a tongue so that you could use it to have people touch and guess what it was, like in a fun house or something (grapes for eyes, spaghetti for something…). Which one is the real question?

  • Anonymous

    I know I wish there was something out there like a tongue!

  • Jeni Teston

    Try a wet sponge. New one though.

  • ♥BumbleBee♥

    Maybe a flattened lump of meat covered in saran wrap? Just experiment with anything you can find around the house.

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