What is the difference between a PS3 Controller and a PS2 controller?

I really can’t tell the difference based on the images I’ve seen can anyone tell me or send a link to what the PS3 controller really looks like?

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  • kozzm0

    PS3 controllers have motion sensors for position and momentum in 3 dimensions;

    Sixaxis has no rumble motors, dualshock 3 does;

    PS3 controllers are wireless and also can work through their usb charging cable

    PS3 controllers have a higher range of values on the lower shoulder buttons, they hinge on levers now and are ideal for being used as triggers or gas pedal/brake.

    PS3 controllers have one extra button, the PS button, which brings up menu functions and syncs the controller.

  • Someone

    They are pretty much the same. But there are a few differences.

    PS2 controller plugs in using a wire/receiver. The PS3 controller uses Bluetooth for wireless connectivity and the internal battery of the controller is rechargeable.

    The PS3 controller’s L2 and R2 buttons have been redesigned.

    The PS3 controller also has SIXAXIS motion-sensor.

    Here are pictures of the PS3 controller.


    Here are pictures of the PS2 controller.


  • lorjuste

    Yeah the action sensor is critical for video games like Lair the place there is not any turning off the action sensor. trouble-free video games that use it like COD and Heavenly Sword it is grew to become off. relies upon on how lots you opt to apply the lean. of direction yet another extensive difference isn’t the SIXAXIS, however the DUALSHOCK2 , PS2 controllers rumble mutually as PS3’s do no longer. yet Sony introduced they’re popping out with SIXAXIS2 with DUALSHOCK3, so as that there is may additionally rumble.

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