when children are unhappy it usually because_?

this is for a job at the daycare best answer 20 point

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  • Mommy, M.A.

    I’ve worked with kids the age of 7/8 years old and I’ve learned a lot about this through the years. When kids are unhappy, it is often because they strive for needed attention, and they aren’t getting it. Kids all act out in different ways for attention; and negative behavior is very common in ways in which to gain an adults attention. I’ve seen kids act out in many ways, and the majority of the time it is in order to receive attention. For example, a first grader I worked with would come in every single day from recess claiming that she had sprained her ankle. This lasted a couple of weeks, and she finally realized that it wasn’t getting her the spotlight that she had anticipated. Kids will usually discontinue any bizarre behavior when they discover that it isn’t getting them the result that they want.

    Also, this is a tricky one-I’ve learned that many children who are consistently unhappy come from families that are disrupted, to put it nicely. Kids bring all of their problems from the home to every other situation that they are in; and it’s tough sometimes to help them adjust and separate their emotions from what they are doing at the moment. I’ve seen this so many times; children who are emotionally distraught, inherently sad, and they don’t know how to handle it, so they often take it out on nearby adults and peers.

    In addition, as simple as it sounds, some kids just have issues sharing and getting along with others. If a kid is an only child at home, it is a huge struggle to come into an environment in which they aren’t the center of their universe anymore. This is a kiddie culture shock as I like to call it. All of a sudden, they realize that they aren’t the only one who matters, and it is a big surprise to them. They try all kinds of ways in which to change these dynamics.

    Naturally, when you are dealing with little kids who are 3 and under, their sadness is rooted in all kinds of things like physical discomforts, hunger, etc that they have trouble expressing. Sighhh kids are complicated!! I could probably go on and on about this….hope this gives you a bit of an idea of how it all works. The best teacher will be experience 🙂

    Good luck to you!!!

  • Kristen

    It depends on the age. Infants are usually unhappy when they are hungry or need a change. Toddlers are usually unhappy when they are hungry, hurt, or sick. I would probably go with sick though for the most likely reason they would be unhappy.

  • love

    They miss their parents, they’re hungry or they’re sick!

    I thought best answer was only 10 points?

  • ?

    so your coming on here to figure out your interview answers so you can get a job with kids you know nothing about…?? hmm id rather not… thanks for the 2 points.

  • Rose

    it depends on the situation. it could be that they miss mom and dad, they are sick, uncomfortable, scared, angry, etc

  • Anonymous

    they miss there mummy

    fell insecure

    r scared of their new environment

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