Where is 0.6″ on an Inches Ruler?

I have a ruler thats in inches, I was told to find 0.6 inches on a ruler, which line on my ruler is that?

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  • durby

    0.6 Inches On A Ruler

  • ?

    there is no 0.6″ line on a ruler. ruler measurements are a multiple of 1/2 (1/4, 1/8, 1/16, and sometimes 1/32 – – and all of the fill in marks as well)

    the closest you could easily get is 5/8 = .625

    {or 19/32 = .59375′” on a really finely calibrated ruler}

    or you could convert some metric sub-measurements to see if one of those is closer to 0.6″ as most standard rulers also have a metric side.

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